Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia (2024) streaming

Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia

Race for Glory is a documentary film that follows the iconic rivalry between two of the most legendary car manufacturers in the world, Audi and Lancia. Directed by Stefano Mordini, the film delves deep into the history of these two brands, exploring their innovative technologies, groundbreaking designs, and fierce competition on the race track.

Through interviews with industry experts, former drivers, and historical footage, Race for Glory provides a captivating look at the intense battles between Audi and Lancia throughout the years. From the iconic Audi Quattro to the Lancia Stratos, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey through the golden age of motorsport, witnessing the incredible feats of engineering and driving skill that made these cars legends in their own right.

As the film unfolds, audiences are given a front-row seat to the epic showdowns between these two automotive giants, culminating in the ultimate race for glory. With heart-stopping action and behind-the-scenes insights, Race for Glory is a must-watch for any car enthusiast or racing fan.

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Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia (2024) Streaming VF Gratuit